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HuayaMicro is a privately held company headquartered in Shanghai ( China ) focusing on creating video processor chips to support various display platforms and to re-create into high definition digital images. Because of our high caliber engineering team, HuayaMicro has been able to quickly penetrate the China 's market, which is considered a leader in global TV production output. Therefore a never-ending process, we are constantly building our teams whose contributions can enable them achieve and exceed their own expectations. Every individual is considered a part of the family, which we highly encourage setting goals and objectives as well as conduct internal training for those who want to learn more. If you are this highly motivated and talented person who wants to make a difference in this exciting industry, then HuayaMicro can provide the dynamic work environment, which also includes a competitive compensation (both salary and stock options) and health insurance plan. We have offices in China , Taiwan and USA . Please view our employment listings and submit your resume to any of our openings that matches your experience and qualifications. Please note that we continuously update our information and if you posses other skills set that are not listed below, we invite you to submit your resume at hr@huayamicro.com . We will keep your resume in our database for future consideration.



Senior R&D Engineer
① Orientation: Digital Display
Bachelor and above in Physics / Material / Electrical Machinery or Electronic Engineering;
Experience: at least 2 years working experience in R&D / Engineering department of Digital display products manufacturing companies
---with sound understanding of the mechanism of various digital display equipments, such as LCD, LED, CRT, PDP,RP, LCOS, etc.
---with actual experience on system operating work on various digital display equipments and knowing the design and development of relevant drive circuits
---with some mathematics base and knowing certain mathematic models of display equipments with different physical mechanism
---Responsibility: research on the display mechanisms of various digital display products, closely coordinate with other R&D engineers to carry out relevant modeling, simulation and debugging work
---Location: Shanghai

② Orientation: R&D in field of video encoding & decoding
Requirement: Master and above in Information processing / Communication / Electronics or related majors
Experience: At least 2 years experience of product development in video compression & encoding or in digital TV related field; Experience in DSP development or IC design is a plus
---Firm theoretic base of image processing & video coding
---Sound understanding of DTV signal receiving process
---Proficient in C, C++, Matlab programming
---Familiar with DSP or IC design is a plus
---Good innovation ability, communication skills and team spirit
--- Responsible for algorithm realization of MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264 video decoding
--- Keep up with domestic and international DTV standards; develop DTV front-end channel decoding method
--- Coordinate with IC design department to help with IC realization of various video processing algorithms
Follow-up with problems and help to resolve, provide valuable suggestions for product improvement
--- Assist marketing department to feed back on project forecast information, organize product development consulting and technology training.
--- Location: Shanghai

③ Orientation: R&D in digital video processing algorithm
Requirement: Master & above in Information Management/ Computer Communication/ Electronics or related Major
Experience: At least 2 years R&D experience in digital video processing
--- Sound understanding of technologies in digital video processing field, such as De-interlacing, Digital Noise Reduction, Film Mode Source Detection, Video Quality Enhancement, Video Decoding, etc.
--- Strong mathematics background, capable of Mathematical Modeling and Analysis for various problems in digital video processing
--- Proficient in C, C++, Matlab programming
--- Familiar with DSP or IC design is a plus
--- Good innovation ability, communication skills and team spirit
--- Responsible for designing digital video processing algorithm suitable for IC realization, including Mathematical Modeling, Simulation and result Analysis
--- Updated with the newest technology development in field of digital video processing
Location: Shanghai

Financial / Internal control assistant
--- Responsible for company internal control / project process / budget management & supervision
--- 3 years or above working experience in financial department of company, with certain knowledge of enterprise asset management and capital marketing
--- Bachelor or above, major in accountant or equivalent, have accountant certificate or equal experiences
--- Ability to listen / speak / read / write in English fluently
--- Proficient in financial software and office ( Excel, Access, Word, etc.)
--- Cooperation experience with the bank
--- Adapted to work under pressure and willing to learn
--- Strong communication skills and team spirit
Company provides equal and open working environment, with room for promotion
Location: Shanghai

Software Engineer
--- Bachelor or above in E/E major or equivalent
--- At least 3 years experience in software R&D, C programming & SOC assembly
Location: Nanjing / Shenzhen

Hardware Engineer
--- Bachelor or above in E/E major or equivalent
--- At least 2 years hands-on experience on Electronic Circuit Design
Location: Nanjing/Shenzhen


Senior Hardware Engineer (System hardware design & debugging)
--- Bachelor or above in E/E or equivalent major, 2 years experience of Digital & Analog circuit design
--- Familiar with Video/Audio firmware design & Power management
--- Familiar with MIPS CPU hardware design
--- Familiar with Electro-principles, wiring rules and PLL design
--- Proficient in OrCAD、PADs、Protel、Allego operation or at least in one of them
--- Strong experience in hardware debugging, able to operate various hardware-testing facilities skillfully
--- Experience in Set-top box & FPGA hardware design is preferred
Location: Shanghai

Senior Software Engineer
--- Bachelor or above in Computer or related major, at least 2 years experience in software design for Embedded systems
--- Proficient in C programming, RTOS and it's low-level driver programming
--- Familiar with MIPS CPU software design
--- Experience in MPEG2 Audio/Video encoding & decoding
--- Familiar with DTV standard such as ATSC, DVB and etc.
--- Strong Experience in Software debugging
Location: Shanghai

IC Design Engineer
Requirement: Bachelor or above in Micro Electronics, E/E or related majors
Experience:2 years or above working experience, proficiency in MPEG2, Video & Image processing is preferred
--- Familiar with the top-down design of digital circuits, including the Verilong-HDL hardware description, assembly and simulation
--- Able to operate FPGA developing tools skillfully
--- Familiar with IC developing environment such as logic synthesis, timing analysis and Verilong simulation
--- Familiar with FPGA development, able to operate Xilinx & Altera tools proficiently
--- Good expressing & interpersonal skills
--- Highly sense of responsibility, career-ambition and team spirit
Responsibility: Digital circuit design / System design / Logic verification
Location: Shanghai

AP&R Engineer
--- Familiar with deep Sub-Micron design flow and EDA tools
--- Have real chips implementation experience
--- Skill in AP&R(APOLLO), Layout edit( Virtuoso or Laker), Layout verification (Dracula)
--- Familiar with backend technology file and backend command file
Location: Shanghai

Layout Engineer
--- Associate's degree or above in E/E or related majors
--- Familiar with Semiconductor foundry or CMOS components
--- Familiar with Apollo tools, with experience in Auto plane & route
--- Familiar with Virtuoso tools, with Layout design experience
--- Familiar with Dracula verification tools, able to use it to exercise DRC & LVS verification
--- Basic knowledge of semiconductors
--- Good expressing & communication skills
--- Highly sense of responsibility & self-motivation
--- Team spirit
Location: Shanghai

Testing Engineer
--- Associate's degree or above in Micro-electronics
--- At least 2 years working experience, familiar with semiconductor foundry
--- Basic knowledge of semi-conductors
--- Able to work independently
--- Familiar with Teradync J750 test station
--- Familiar with Credence Quartet or NP EXA3000 test station
--- Good spoken / written English, expressing and communication ability
--- Highly sense of responsibility & career ambition
--- Strong team spirit

IC Designer
--- Experience of SOC design for 2 year, knowledge of MIPS, ARM, IBM power CPU, fast 8051 and Amba bus interface, USB host/OTG, IDE, PCI is preferred
---- Experience of video compression algorism and IC design, familiar with MPEG-2,H.264 and AVS is preferred.
Location: Shanghai

FPGA Engineer


1, A familiar with video and image processing
2, familiar with verilog and VHDL
3, familiar with Altera FPGA and a variety of FPGA debug tools
4, Familiar with a variety of simulation tools and scripting languages
5, bachelors degree with two years of work experience


1, the preparation of FPGA code, debugging code and writing design documents
2, using FPGA synthesis tools generate FPGA bit files, optimizing design to fix FPGA
3, support IC verification with FPGA
4, support and maintenance project

Other capabilities:

1, good teamwork and leadership experience
2, familiar with UNIX / Linux environment
3, familiar signal processing theory

IC engineers


A familiar with DDR memory interface
2, familiar with video and image processing
3, familiar with verilog and VHDL
4, Familiar with a variety of simulation tools and scripting languages
5, bachelors degree with two years of work experience


1, writing code, debugging code and writing design documents
2, using integrated tools and front-end tools, design optimization
3, support verification team
4, support system team

Other capabilities:

1, good teamwork and leadership experience
2, familiar with UNIX / Linux environment
3, familiar signal processing theory

the image processing software engineer


1, familiar with image processing, signal processing, computer application;
2, mathematical skills, proficiency in image processing and analysis of mathematical modeling;
3, more than three years of image processing work experience
4, proficient in C, C ++, Matlab and other programming languages


1, design for IC implementation of digital video processing algorithms, mathematical modeling, simulation and analysis results
2, optimized image processing algorithms and give the reference model, the design documents

Other capabilities:

1, good programming practice and documentation writing ability
2, good teamwork and leadership experience
3, excellent spoken and written english

zigbee algorithm engineer


1, responsible for the system architecture design, algorithm development, system simulation modeling and fix-point model optimization;
2, with a solid theoretical foundation of digital communication systems and signal processing;
3, familiar with Zigbee, WLAN especially familiar with lower physical layer protocols.;
4, familiar with RF, mixed signal;


1, organize team of digital communications algorithms
2, provides an implementation of the algorithm, providing fixed-point model
3, optimization algorithms and participation chip developing
4, determine the system performance

IC Verification Engineer


1, with a bachelor degree;
2, with more than five years of work experience;
3, familiar with SOC verification, IP, and are familiar with all kinds of bus interface
4, Familiar verification methodology, familiar verilog / System Verilog / system C
5, Familiar with a variety of simulation tools and scripting languages


1, verify and debug code
2, maintaining the verification and validation platform
3, tracking verification results,documents management
4, update and maintain authentication methods

Other capabilities:

1, good teamwork and leadership experience
2, familiar with UNIX / Linux environment

Market Analysis commissioner:


1, marketing and other related professionals, undergraduate and above;
2, more than two years of work experience in market research and analysis;
3, can be developed using a variety of channels to conduct market research, market analysis and effective form reliable reporting;
4, good communication skills, strong analytical writing skills, logical thinking and clear;
5, English proficiency.


1, to collect, collate, summarized market information (including the development of the industry dynamics, peer business development, price-related business services, as well as new products and alternatives, customer information, etc.);
2, according to research data analysis report writing, provide a reference for business people and corporate sector leadership decision-making;
3, identify potential customers, providing as much detail as the real information to departments and company leaders in order to achieve cooperation.


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