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3D display and synthesis chip

Intelligent monitoring termina

intelligent family strategy is Android + system: small system is an open system based on Linux, the various applications of chip of unity in the smallsystem based on major appliances at home, such as lamps, white power,building intercom, security monitoring around the small system, composed of small system and Android comple/p the interconnection, and with mobile phone TV, PAD, interconnection and intercommunication;

Product direction: around the building intercom and surveillance cameras, video intercom series introduced the main chip and the monitoringcamera chip, combined wi/p Zigbee single chip, interconnection complete with other products.

product status and plannig:

A) of home entertainment: production of infrared active shutter glasses(Changhong 3D), is Hisense scheme was launched in 2014; support for Bluetooth 3D active shutter glasses;
B) traditional AV products: AV339, Rangers-II, Magic have been in volume production;
C) white status display: focus on the microwave oven (Galanz, Midea)module chip integrated production;
D) visual doorbell: Stars/ Stars-II has been in volume production, the use of its own display module advantages, developed by the 32 bit CPU chip based on D1, a new scheme of the 2013 Q3 production; solutionemphasizes interoperability, scalability;
E) interconnection: Based on the ZigBeePro/2007, launched a single chipsupports Zigbee and MCU, as the interconnection medium, 2014 Q2 production.


Intelligent terminal display products

Intelligent terminal display products 1 product description (display module):

LCD (a) Liquid Crystal Display abbreviation) liquid crystal display. The structure of the LCD is placed in the liquid crystal box two parallel glass substrate, glass substrate under the setting TFT (thin film transistor), on the glass substrate is arranged on the color filter, the direction of rotationthrough the signal and the voltage change on the TFT to control the liquid crystal molecules, so as to achieve the control of each pixel in polarized light emitted or not to display the destination.
B LCM (LCD) Module) LCD display module, LCD module, refers to the liquid crystal display device, a connecting piece, drive and control circuit, PCBcircuit board, back light source, structural parts assembly componentstogether.

product features:

A) differential display module (such as 5.88''/8.1'')
B) market standardization and flat plate display module of mobile phone
C) display module integrated with CTP

3 competitive advantage

A) specialized membrane group manufacturing, Japan imported equipmentand a thousand grade clean factory
B) differentiated products and customized services, both difference and standardization module, to provide customized product customization and flexible
C) profound technology accumulation, has many years of experience in IC development team, LCD display system development experience


Nakedness eye stereoscopic display products

Nakedness eye stereoscopic display technology products

The technical advantages of 3D module products:

Naked eye 3D product design and application process:

3D display module product Roadmap (mobile phone / tablet):

3D display module product Roadmap (advertising machine:


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